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So Ginger Beer is the devil. It tastes like soda but it's not, it's alcohol. Apparently I love ginger beer, which I drink like it's soda. Not smart Xenodike, not smart.

Logging into LJ this morning I read more comments and post about people leaving and not leaving and their hearts breaking because of it. It is heartbreaking, especially for those of us who have been there a long time and remember what vibrant, active community it was before the more fast paced social media took over fandom.

Writing this from my new Dreamwidth account, and spending time on this platform for a few day's now (still waiting for my imports) I'm feeling nostalgic. The layout, they way I used to customize my journal look. I logged in to my old photobucket because DW doesn't have scrapbooks and albums and found all my old icons, old banners and headers for custom styles I once had.

These one's are by [livejournal.com profile] amavel_bel

 photo spangel_glamour_fo.jpg

friends only banner photo spangel_comecloser_fo.jpg

friends only banner photo amavel-belbelonging.jpg

I wonder what happened to her, she faded away from LJ around 2009. I hope she's out there, in some other fandom being awesome. Either way, she made great Spike/Angel custom LJ layouts and I used a lot of hers.

[livejournal.com profile] katekat1010 did this one:

katekat1010 green banner photo katekatbanner.jpg

She also did this:

shattered banner photo shatteredbanner.jpg

She made it for one of the first spangel stories I wrote that wasn't just smut. I was really proud of that story when I posted it, it had multiple chapters and a plot, it's crap but back then I was proud. This was way back when my "authors notes" wen't a little like this:

"A/N: I would like to point out that this story was written based on very little facts. I’ve done very little research so any “facts” in this story is most likely incorrect."

No research!? LOL Aw, the sweet innocence of 2006, being 24 years old and thinking you were too busy to do research... while working part time LOL.

[livejournal.com profile] vamptastica did these:

 photo spike-faces-banner.jpg

 photo x-masvamptastica1.jpg

And this colorbar... damn, I was a lot kinkier in the spangel fandom than I am these days....

 photo vamptastica1.png

I'm getting more and more convinced that I'm going to have to leave LJ. I had to change all my passwords the other night, because someone hacked my "real life" Instagram, the person who tried to steal my account came from Russian e-mail. Obviously that's probably just a big coincidence, but logging out of LJ and then coming to the front page of LJ it was all Russian. All of it. It looked the front page of an Russian online newspaper. Not the open, welcoming, international blogging platform it was twelve years ago when I signed up.

It's not LJ anymore, I can feel it now while spending time on DW, it's not LJ like it was. It makes me a little sad but more of all it reminds me what LJ was. It was vibrant and lively, open, friendly and welcoming. It's a place were most of us found close friends, people like me discovering that we were capable of creativity we didn't know we had. But, LJ has always been a platform for the people using it. And if that platform stops serving our needs, the fuck it, we'll move.

What ever anyone decided to do, I think we all need to remember that WE made LJ what it was. Not the other way around. I've loved LJ for over a decade, it's been home away from home, someplace I've felt safe to express parts of me I don't in "real life". But LJ was never the soul or the spirit of our fandom life, it was a house. But, if the house is getting rotten, we'll just relocate, that's all.
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Ugh... you guys remember back in what... 2007? There was some big LJ crisis and everyone was threatening to leave. I know I crated a Dreamwidth account back then but apparently it was gone, so I made a new one. Let's see how long it takes to import 12 years worth of posts.

I made a new Xen_fic over here as well. Importing the posts right now.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic sitting here writing this on the Dreamwidth page, it's so retro LJ, the way it was back in the day's.

I'm not moving, yet. I'm conflicted about this, because even though my presences on LJ is sporadic at best these day's it's been my fandom home since 2005. A part of me feels it's time to move, that LJ has sold out it's core audience. But another part of me feels that if they want me out, they're going o have to kick me out. I'm not doing anything wrong, and I won't move.

Then again, the whole point of LJ was always about being someplace you could feel free to express yourself, post exactly what you felt and thought and loved.

I don't know.

I'm not getting a paid account yet, we'll see what happens.

Anyway, both this journal and my fanfic journal is the same here on DW as it is on LJ. I'm keeping them both public for now. Feel free to add me if you want to.


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